ICF World Championships-

-2nd K2 500m

-2nd K4 500m

World Cup 1, Hungary

 - 1st K1 500M – Worlds Fastest time (1:46.5)

-1st k4 500M

World Cup 2, Germany 

- 1st K2 500m and 1st K4 500M 

ICF Canoe Sprint World Championship Racice, Czech Republic 

– Gold Medal (World Champions)
   K2 500M 

-3rd K4 500M

-Finalist Team of the Year NZ Halberg  Awards
World Cup 1, Portugal 

- 1st K1 500M - 3rd fastest time in the world 

-1st K4 500M
World Cup 2, Hungary 

- 1st K2 500m

-1st K4 500M 

NZ Nationals Lake Karipiro

- 2nd K1  500m

-2nd K1 200m 


Olympic Games Rio, Brazil 

- 5th Woman’s K4 500M

 World Cup 1, Germany

 - 5st Woman’s K4 500M 

-3rd K4 200M
World Cup 2, Czech Republic

 – 3rd Open Woman’s K4 500M 


 ICF World Championships, Milan – 9th Open Woman’s K4 500M Olympic Qualifiers

 World Cup 1, Portugal 

- 1st Woman’s K4 500M 

- 2nd K2 500M
World Cup 2, Germany 

- 5th Open Woman’s K4 500M 

-3rd K4 Woman’s 200M 

World Cup 1, Milan 

- 5th Open Woman’s K4 500M
World Cup 2, Czech Republic 

– 7th Open Woman’s K4 500M
ICF World Championships 

– 14th Open Woman’s K4 500M

Under 23 World Championships, Canada

-8th K1 Womans 500m

2007 – 2013
-National Woman’s Surf Ski Tittle Holder (6 National Surf Ski tittles)
-Selected for Surf Life Saving NZ Development Squad